Exterior Basement Waterproofing 


Do you have water intrusion coming through the walls, foundation, or drains? Our basement waterproofing solutions permanently fix your basement while increasing the value of your home and making it a safer environment to live in. Below is a brief summary of MSA's exterior basement waterproofing solution:


Step 1. We excavate all the dirt and clay soil from around the house, removing it off sight. This must be completed first because clay acts as a sponge and does not allow the water to get into the drain tile to flow away from the house. Clay also freezes and expands causing pressure on block walls creating cracks and movement which can cause water leakage and unstable foundations.

Step 2. We remove the old drain tile that is usually clogged or collapsed and replace it with new PVC style drain tile. We then Install cleanouts for maintenance of drain tile. This will insure that you will never have to go through this process again.

Step 3. We then coat the basement walls with mortar and iron-nite and apply a top coat of tar. The tar is used to repel moisture.

Step 4.We then fill the entire ditch around the wall with washed gravel. This allows water to flow into the drain tile with no resistance and the washed gravel acts as a cushion around the foundation through the freeze and thaw cycles.

Step 5. All areas that have been excavated are then restored back into its original form. Our Basement Waterproofing Services Also Include:


  • Hand or Machine Digging
  • Full Masonry and Concrete Repair Services
  • Haul Away All Dirt & Debris
  • Excavations are fully backfilled with gravel
  • Free Estimates
  • Licensed, Bonded, Insured
  • Full Landscaping Restoration
  • All Types of Concrete Work
  • Basement Wall Restoration, Repair & Rebuild
  • Workmanship with integrity
  • Clean Work Area


Let us help you diagnose the problem. With over 20 years experience, we are true professionals you can trust.  Feel confidant that we care to provide our customers with effective ways to repair water intrusion while keeping the costs at a minimum. Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

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