Commercial Construction Services

MSA offers a wide range of commercial construction services. Please consult the list below and feel free to contact us if you require a service that you don’t see listed here.

Concrete Services

  • New Concrete or Concrete Repair
  • Any Use – Driveway, Patio, Apron, Sidewalk, Building Foundation, Basement, Curb & Gutter, Parking Lot, Road
  • Any Method – Pouring, Stamping, etc.

Sewer Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance Services

  • Point of Sale (POS) Dye Testing – Complete Service Including Testing, Inspection, and Repairs
  • Inspections – Dye Testing, T.V. Inspection, Air Test, Mandrel, Leak Locate, Vacuum Test, and Smoke Testing
  • Cleaning & Preventative Maintenance – High Pressure Water Jetting, Root Cutting, Grease Removal, Sewer Snaking
  • Sewer Repairs (Including “No Dig” Repairs That Save Time & Money)
  • Sewer Rehab – Lining Mains & Laterals w/ CIPP Liner, Joint Sealing With Chemical Grout, Back flow Preventers, etc.
  • Manhole Rehab or Replacements
  • Complete Installations

Waterproofing Services

  • Real Waterproofing From the Outside of the Building
  • Not Waterproofing the Inside (That’s Water Control & Leaves You Vulnerable to Problems in the Future)
  • Complete Service – Excavation, Concrete Repair, Landscape Restoration

Excavation Services

  • Hand or Machine Digging
  • Haul Away Service for Dirt & Debris
  • For Any Need – Sewer, Septic, Road, Foundation, Basement, Pond, Pool, etc